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Hotel Information Delft

Ibis Hotel

ibis hotel.jpeg

Van Leeuwenhoekpark 2,

2611 DW Delft

+31(0)5 200 1114

The Student Hotel


Van Leeuwenhoekpark 1

2611 DW, Delft


Hotel Westcord


Olof Palmestraat 2

2616 LM, Delft


Discount Code:


Hotel Arsenaal Delft By WestCord


Korte Geer 1,

2611 CA Delft

+31(0)15 205 2090

10% discount

book via the
email address

Hotel De Plataan

hotel plataan.jpeg

Doelenplein 10

2611 BP, Delft


Discount Code:


Hotel Johannes Vermeer

johannes vermeer.webp

Molslaan 18

2611 RM, Delft


Discount Code:


Hotel Casa Juliana

casa de juliana.jpg

Maerten Trompstraat 33

2628 RC, Delft


Discount Link:



Koepoortplaats 3

2612 RR, Delft


foto x.jpeg

The Venue


Mekelweg 8-10, 2628 CD Delft

X is a place on campus where students can develop in areas that are not always part of the academic curriculum, but invaluable none the less. Therefore, X is the perfect place for HEPS2022 with its theme: Convergence - Breaking down barriers between disciplines.

The Venue

Social Dinner Location

social dinner locaton

Bike Rentals


Fietsplus Delft

Coenderstraat 4,

2613 SM Delft

Call for availability

015 750 3193

For other bike availabilities

please ask your Hotel!

Most hotels offer bike

services as well!

Bike Rentals
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