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    2/3/4 Nov 2022 

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    Organizing Committee




    Scientific Program

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    Student Assistent


    Marijke Melles

    Associate professor Human-Centered Design for Quality of Care
    TU Delft, The Netherlands

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    Scientific Program

    Armaĝan Albayrak

    Assistant Professor Human-Centered Design for Healthcare

    TU Delft, The Netherlands

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    Matthijs netten_edited.jpg

    Event & Program Design 

    Richard Goossens

    Professor of Physical Ergonomics

    Program Director Convergence Health and Technology

    TU Delft, The Netherlands

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    Matthijs Netten

    Project Manager

    TU Delft, The Netherlands

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    Event & Program Design 

    Jolijn de Haan

    MSc student Design for Interaction

    TU Delft, The Netherlands

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    Hilbrand Bodewes

    Coordinator Health

     IDE & Convergence Lead Fast Track Innovation Centre

    TU Delft, The Netherlands

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    Scientific Committee


    Marijke Melles

    Chair, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

    Armagan Albayrak

    Co-chair, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

    Richard Goossens

    Co-chair, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


    Sara Albolino, University Hospital Policlinico Umberto I, Italy

    Sebastiano Bagnara, University of the Republic of San Marino, San Marino

    Melissa Baysari, The University of Sydney, Australia

    Martine de Bruijne, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, The Netherlands

    Pascale Carayon, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

    Teresa Cotrim, University of Lisbon, Portugal

    Pierre Falzon, CNAM, France

    Susan Hallbeck, Mayo Clinic, USA

    Sue Hignett, Loughborough University, UK

    Richard Holden, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

    Thomas van Rompay, University of Twente, The Netherlands

    Riccardo Tartaglia, Marconi University, Italy

    Nicole Werner, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

    Nina Zipfel, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, The Netherlands

    About HEPS


    HEPS, the triennial conference on Healthcare Systems Ergonomics and Patient Safety, provides an international platform for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and experiences between the disciplines of Human Factors/Ergonomics and of Medicine and Health. HEPS conferences are endorsed by the International Ergonomics Association and governed by it's Technical Committee Healthcare Ergonomics.


    HEPS2022 will take place in Delft, The Netherlands, from 2 - 4 November 2022, at the campus of Delft University of Technology. The theme of this 7th edition of HEPS is “Convergence - Breaking down barriers between disciplines”.


    Our history:

    2022 - Delft, The Netherlands

    Convergence: breaking down barriers between disciplines


    2019 - Lissabon, Portugal

    Building health and social care systems for the future: demographic changes, digital age and human factors


    2016 - Toulouse, France

    Healthcare and society: new challenges, new opportunities


    2014 - Taipei, Taiwan

    Bridging research and good practices towards patients welfare


    2011 - Oviedo, Spain

    An alliance between professionals and citizens for patient safety and quality of life: Healthcare systems ergonomics for hospitals and communities


    2008 - Strasbourg, France

    Creating and designing the healthcare experience


    2005 - Florence, Italy

    Human Factor: a bridge between care and cure




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    The Venue

    Faculty Industrial Design Engineering

    Landbergstraat 15, 2628 CE Delft

    Matching the evolution of people with the revolution of technology. This is the focus of the students, researchers and lecturers who work at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Delft designers bridge the gap between technological developments and the needs of people, organizations and society. Because of this, we think the faculty will be a suitable and inspirational place for the HEPS to take place.


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